Dutch Leaseplan to quit their Global SAP BPC program. Complexity derailing program, €92 Miln total write off.... Binance, one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges, revealed that it is being blackmailed to the tune of 300 Bitcoin (approximately US $3.5 million). In attempt to identify its blackmailer, Binance has put a 25 Bitcoin (approximately US $290,000) bounty on their head.... Dutch service providers Deloitte/SAP Fieldglass failed to deliver IT project 'Digi-inhuur', to Dutch Ministery of Infrastructure. Dutch Minister van Nieuwenhuizen pulled the plug stating to take the loss of € 4.3 mln (!?!) after two deliveryfails.... Visa contactless bankcard £30,00 limit can be bypassed (Sky News).... Capital One breached. Miss P.Thompson, former Amazon Web Services employee arrested in connection with breach. Alledgedly using a misconfigured AWS firewall. Approximately 100 million US and 6 million Canada accounts affected, data exposed over two months. (FBI)....Equifax exposed 150 million Americans' personal data, due to lack of security standards and measures, to pay up to $700 million.... Hertz suing Accenture for failure over $32 mln web design work. Lawyer to aim for jury trial?.... FTC fines Facebook $ 5 billion for illicit harvesting and process userdata to external entities.(Forbes).... British Airways faces record fine £ 183 million for it's data breach. Airline states to be 'surprised and dissapointed' by ICO verdict (Independer).... Florida's Palm Beach suburb Rivera Beach and Lake City paid $ 1.1 million in bitcoin after being attacked by cybercriminals ransomware (BBC.com.uk).... AX0.io launches updated business strategies in prevention ransomeware attacks. New strategies in recovery and backup procedures.... "
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