Aritificial Intelligence, intelligent?

AX 0, monitors and reviews developments in the commerce fields and  markets, with a broad spectrum of professionals. Boardrooms instant benefits    access to inpartial, factual and unbias, usable backgrounds and information.

Plain and Simple?
Jargon of the digital realm,  for over 85% are useless in the boardroom. Interesting to follow the trends and sudden visible movements in media and markets. Sudden hypes,  recently; ChatGPT’s and artificial Intelligence.

Over 50% of online data corrupted
Online data in over 50% is shown to be corrupt data. Read: bias data, commerce driven data, factual and deliberate misrepresentations, unchecked facts and manipulated data. There are no means to differentiate which part of collected data is corrupt. Often it shows to be subtile. 

What any Executive should know?
Automation essentially is an ancient unchanged principle. Digital automation  is using electrical devices to automate.  Because of all kind of fast changes in automation, most commerce driven, the amount of IT professionals, learning the core of their own profession, for years, are declining. Today less then 5% are able to convey these to the boardroom. 99.99% of commerce driven professionals? Never had any idea.

“Every thinkable aspect/facet of digital automation, is 100% Predictable/Manipulable, for all involved…!”

This applies to every thinkable IT, hardware, software, every tied professional, on every level.

This also applies to any chatGPT and ai.

AI, much to do about?
In spite of commerce driven hypes in the media, perhaps you’re targeted right now, with exploding publications involving ai. One simple element before all. Every thinkable ai is to be programmed. There are no ai’s on any shelf, suited for your ‘need’.  Costs of programming? Will run up, 100% predictable, guaranteed.

No consensual description of ai?
Essentially ai can mean anything. AI isn’t an evolved substance, it is ‘matter’ under development. Many hype AI as the next big thing. Question is, of what?
Does AI solve everyting?
Since there is no common description of what an ai can or can’t, any claim that ai is the next ‘big thing’, is unsubstantiated
– AI shall bring business and enterprise huge benefits
Referring to the 100% Predictability of automation, ‘benefits’ easily is to be quantfied. In terms of ROI, measurable. AI is not.

AI and commerce
The hype ai primarily is commerce driven, which isn’t always in the best interest of your endeavour or enterprise.

AI and cybecrime
Cybercrime also has its focus on new trents to exploit. They understand the principle of  Divide & Conquer. Already there are signals cybercrime is involved in activity using ai as cover.

Risk and assessment
Since there is no evidence that any ai brings benefit your business or endeavour, caution is advised in this matter.

Also know that the 100% Predictability also bares grave legal consequences no commerce or IT professional has ever told you.

Let AX 0 bv inform you closer of the invisible risks in and with your digital automation.

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